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Beer Al-Abd General Street vs. Bab Al-Safa Campaign.
Perfume: It has another story, comes from oud oil, and swims to enjoy human senses. Oud oil also has great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations.
Prayer mats: The carpets are alive and kicking.
Prayer Pools: People look at these pools that are used for prayer as Gah's signs, if they are made of precious stones.
Toothpick is a wooden piece of the roots of the Arak trees, a traditional contributor to the Muslims who represent the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).


Berlin street, Beirut, Lebanon

Dahye, Bir elabed

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The Collection, Hasan Hakim

The Collection, Hasan Hakim

-Rosary/accessories/jewelery/Precious stone,
-Raouchi, Berlin street
-Dahye, Bir elabed